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Training With Teens

Teen sessions can be one on one, small group classes or Fitness classes based on needs.


Benefits for Teens:

  • An increase in personal self-esteem & confidence. 

  • Ability to “Make the Team” & participate in peer group youth sports weight management. 

  • Increased overall body-tone and feeling more comfortable in their appearance and clothes. 

  • Increased concentration & energy levels in school. 

  • Overcoming childhood obesity 

  • Decrease in mood swings. 

  • Drinking more water. 

  • Decreased Stress and Anxiety levels associated with peer pressure, school, work & family living environments. 

  • Develop better and more “restful” sleep patterns overtime. 

  • Pay more attention to what they are eating and drinking and become more interested in learning about & improving these habits as well, if they haven’t begun doing so, already.


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